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Coach – Skater / Parent Contract Form

Effective date DD/MM/YYYY

Between Team Lazerxtech

Professional Speed Skating Academy



S/o / D/o Mr. or Mrs.___________________________________________



Mobile No: ____________________Email: _____________

DURATION FROM ___________________TO _________________


About TEAM LAZERXTECH’S Professional Coaches:

  • Mr. Rahul Ramesh Rane (multiple times national and international medalist) only skater in India to win in all 4 disciplines (speed, artistic solo, pair skating & hockey Rsfi nationals) 
  • Mr. Yogesheshwar Kumawat (multiple times district & state medalist).

About Rahul Ramesh Rane

  • Equipped with readymade knowledge gained over a period of 33 years of racing
  • Skating Since 1987 (32 years in Roller Sports)
  • 30 Years of Professional coaching experience for ROLLER SPORTS including National & International Camps,
  • 15 years of Professional coaching experience for ICE SKATING including National & International Camps
  • Handles Research & Development of Skating Equipment’s & Accessories for Lazerxtech & Lxt.


South Africa 2001
Italy 2001, 2002, 2003 & 2004
Korea 2007
Belgium 2001, 2002, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013,2014, 2015 ,2016 & 2018
Bangladesh 2003 & 2004
Hong Kong 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014,2015, 2016 & 2018
Germany (speed Roller) 2017
Germany (Ice) 2005
China haining 2014 worlds coach’s ambassador’s seminar
Taiwan (Ice) Team Leader 2008
School Games Federation of India (Team Maharashtra) 2005 & 2006, 2007 & 2008
China 2012 & 2016
Columbia 2014

4 skaters got the Shiv Chhatrapati awards (Highest award for Sports in Maharashtra)

Prachi Parthe & Subodh Patil in 2005 ,

Anuja Bandwadikar 2016 & 2017 & Saurabh Bhave 2017 & 2018.


    Rules & Responsibilities as Team LXT Skater

  • Skating Attire is a must at all the practice sessions. Helmets are compulsory. No Jeans, Shorts or School Clothes are allowed during coaching or practice time. Hair must be pulled back while practice sessions.
  • Clothes are allowed during coaching or practice time. Hair must be pulled back while practice sessions.
  • Warm up is compulsory prior to any skating session. Before and after practice session stretching exercise should be done.
  • Skater must be on time for all practice sessions. No chewing gum or eating during practice sessions.
  • Concentrate on your own skating practice and do not interfere in another skater’s practice.
  • No mobile phones during session.
  • Always bring water bottle, weights, skipping ropes and other skating essentials.


Rules & Responsibilities as Team LXT Parent


  • Get skater to the rink with sufficient time for skating practice, so that skater is able to complete scheduled lessons and practices along with warm ups.
  • Enforce healthy eating habits for the skaters. Meals must be taken before or after practice session. Eating during the practice session is strictly prohibited. You may carry fruits and healthy snacks to be consumed during rest time. No food to be carried inside the rink in any condition.
  • Do not interfere during the practice sessions and training methodologies. Do not disturb the coaches while the practice session is on.
  • Skaters are not to be pressurized for the sake of medals or else it will result in below average or mediocre performance. Instead your child should be motivated to perform to their personal best or set practical personal goals.
  • All parents/guardians are advised to be around the vicinity of the practice area in case of emergencies, consult immediately if any action bothers skater.
  • In case of any sickness or ill health the skater is supposed to take a break from the session right away or else may result in some kind of injury to oneself & others as well.


    • Equipment related Rules & Regulations

      • As you are a part of Lazerxtech Team now, it’s compulsory to buy suggested equipment’s from us. The reason being: it is designed for Indian & Indian sub-continent conditions and Indian feet aesthetics; it also covers after sales services, warranties/guarantees, faulty equipment free replacement only for Lxt branded products, Free testing of Lxt Brand wheels before buying them.
      • Reviewing and upgrading of equipment’s as per requirements for your child is essential. Kindly consult coaches of Team LXT in this respect.
      • Parents/ skaters are requested to maintain the equipment as per the guidance of the coaches.
      • An equipment change in any skater doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the same with another skater. Each individual is different hence requirement may vary.
      • We are generous to allow newly joined skaters, if he/she is on other company equipment’s. However, whenever he/she needs to change after joining Team LXT, he/she has to be on Lazerxtech (LXT Approved/Branded) products.
      • Whatever equipment / cross trainer we are providing you at the rink please maintain it properly as your own and take care that it doesn’t damage.
      • Please try not to delay any equipment change if it is recommended by the coaches. This is for the better performance as per the need of the skater.
      • Please consult Mr. Rahul Rane before making any changes in the required equipment, protective gear or skate wear.



      • Coaching charges at Track/Road for preparation of all levels of competitions (Club, District, State, Nationals)
      • Normally One session is equal to one hour of coaching. We always end up doing more than that.
      • Continuous update about recent changes in technology for Skating equipment & training.


      • Any food supplement provided by us.
      • Booking charges of any rink/track other than LXT rink. (To be borne by the skaters present for coaching)
      • Skating skin suit, equipment’s & accessories required for skating.
      • Fee for any race or any competition organized by any club (including organized by LXT/ Any association)
      • Conveyance & transportation to rink / road as the case may be.
      • Summer training Camps are not a part of this contract and the fees for camps is not included under this contract.

      • General Rules for All the TEAM LXT Members 

        • Skaters and parents are advised that any abuse of the rules and regulations of the team, discourteous comments regarding any skaters, professionals or parents will not be tolerated. Skaters must follow the direction of the Team LXT seniors at all times.
        • Skaters/parents should make sure that the skating kit and attire is worn & maintained properly during all the races and practice sessions.
        • Water and sports/energy drinks only will be allowed during water breaks in the session & should be kept safely away from the skate track. Soft drinks and juices are prohibited.
        • Clothing and hair accessory need to be appropriate & should be properly tied & well secured by the skater; money and other items should be left safely away from the skating arena.
        • For safety reasons, there will be no eating, gum chewing or any eating related activity that could cause a choking problem.
        • Any object that could harm the team member or other skaters should not be carried or worn during the practice session. Each skater is personally responsible for their personal belongings/skate equipment’s carried inside the skating arena. Team LXT coaches & the track/rink authorities are not responsible for the loss of personal belongings/skate equipment’s.
        • Show mutual respect for all skaters, parents and coaches.
        • Personal medical / first aid kit should be carried at all times.
        • Try to be present/participate in maximum sessions, camps and races.
        • Help to maintain discipline and the integrity of all team members in good sportsman spirit.
        • Will not disclose details/information about team members, coaches and coaching style & patterns
        • Will not influence other team members or skaters / parents of other teams/ groups/ clubs on any subject whatsoever. Please limit your decisions to yourself. Concerns/complaints/suggestions will only be considered if submitted in writing and signed.
        • Exercise common sense and general courtesy to others. All are expected to behave responsibly and to be considerate of others at all times. These rules and requirements are to help and assure that skaters of all ability, levels & class have a safe and positive experience.
        • We hope that parents and kids understand and obey Rules & Regulations to follow as per below mentioned points.
        • All skaters those who are on annual contract from 2020 can attend the camp, according to the sessions opted (no extra facilities of the camp will be provided to them of the camp for ex. Camps T-shirt, Certificate or Breakfast or dinner etc.) 


        • If I am accompanying with the skaters for championships a maintenance charges RS.400 per skater per day will be charged (Kindly pay at the LXT office in Bavdhan in advance) to each selected skater those who are selected for out station championships of CBSE, SGFI, RSFI State, Zone or Nationals. 
          • 200 Mts Coated Banked Track & Road Circuit Of 250 Mts.
          • 250/275 Mts Road Circuit For (Skating & Cycling)
          • 100 Watts Led Lights for Clear Vision at Nights
          • Generator Back Up 
          • 500 People Audience Area 
          • 100 People Balcony View with Lush Green Grass
          • 100 Or More Car Park Area Around Track
          • Pollution Free Environment
          • 560 Mts Above Sea Level (High Altitude Training Benefits)
          • Clean Toilets Separate for Males & Females
          • Changing Rooms 
          • Store Rooms 
          • 24 Hours Water Supply
          • Administrative Office Provided with Electricity Back Up
          • Canteen Arrangements 
          • Skate Gym for Cross Training
          • Speed Training Devices
          • And Most Importantly We Provide Skaters the Confidence Of Skating Towards Victory
          • A Skater Is Always Skating with Top Skaters And National Medalist Of India Or Abroad
          • For More Information Login To rahulrane.Com

            At present those who have paid for life membership it is valid only till February 2026. For life membership please contact Mr. Rahul Rane for more details


            • Fee should be paid at the time of Enrollment for the contract.
            • Fees will be non-transferrable to siblings, or any other skaters & we cannot carry forward the fees to next year.
            • Contract training will be available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturday and Sunday. (Professional skaters)
            • Festive holidays will be having extra training according to Rahul sir’s & skater’s availability.
            • Duration of a total session 2 to 3 hours.
            • Outside Rink / track booking payment should be made immediately after each session.
            • The 300 sessions combined (Road & Track) will be taken on Tuesdays-Thursdays, Saturday & Sunday or any festive holidays.
            • Since some sessions are conducted extra by Mr. Rahul Rane they can be announced any time during the week days / weekends and it’s not compulsory for all of them to attend.
            • All the payment must be paid in advance by cheque drawn on the name of “Mr. Rahul Rane”. Account transfer of the amount due can also be made.
            • If skaters will come in holidays for skating, they should inform the respective clubs /coaches.
            • If there is any previous pending amount, we cannot provide you with new equipment.
            • If Mr. Rahul Rane is not available the training pattern will be provided by any other senior coach/skater.
            • Professional team Skinsuit is compulsory to buy.
            • Payment should be made immediately for all the equipment taken.
            • Once the contract is signed the skater will be part of Team Lazerxtech and will represent Team Lazerxtech in all future races, Expect for School races & besides representing at state (Respective district), Nationals (Respective State & internationals (Respective Country).
            • In a year Me (Mr. Rahul Rane) will be available for coaching around 75 % to 80 %sessions rest will be taken by some seniors/junior coaches/instructors, visiting coaches or senior National or International skaters.




I/We Mr. /Mrs. ________________________________

undersigned parents/guardian of Master/Miss._____________________________ hereby undertake that would be my responsibility in case of any injuries or accidents, occur during training I undertake to keep the coaching & training patterns confidential and not to share with any other clubs or club parents.

I/We understand that Mr. Rahul Rane is not qualified to give legal or financial suggestions.

I/We understand all coaching rules, regulations and Payment Policy and the safety and coaching contract for the contract skaters.

I/We undertake to work with Mr. Rahul Rane for a minimum of ______ Years.

Undertaken & accepted by:




Mr./Mrs.___________________________________________Date & Sign__________________

Approved by Mr. Rahul Rane (Head Coach)                               Sign__________________

If by any reason skater/parent chooses to be absent/discontinue coaching with temporary/permanently, the fee paid cannot be adjusted or refunded, you will forfeit the fee paid.

Payment Details:
Payment mode: Cash / Cheque                                                            Amount Rs.
Cheque No                      Bank Name                                                       Cheque date


Phone No of the kids / parents: _______________________________________________


Date of birth of the contract skater: ___________________________________________

Height __________ weight __________

In case of any questions or concerns please feel free to call 9890045005 or email on

Our goal for each and every skater is to have successful years by reaching his/her goals and at the same time increasing love towards skating. Heartiest thanks for your continued support and encouragement.

All students should adhere to the no of sessions booked as per contract. If you choose to reduce the no of sessions after signing of contract, the validity of session expire, the contract period will not be extended or extra session will not be permitted.

   Contract skater’s fees from 1st Jan 2020 for the term of one year

    Fees for Elite Skater

8 sessions a month 12 sessions a month 16 sessions a month 20 sessions a month 24 sessions a month
  Rs.34000   Rs.50000   Rs.66000   Rs.82000  Rs.98000
Road & Rink Sessions Road & Rink Sessions Road & Rink Sessions Road & Rink Sessions Road & Rink Sessions
     100      150     200      250     300

Fees for Outstation Elite Skaters

      Rs.10000         Rs.18000      Rs.34000 
    Road & Rink Sessions     Road & Rink Sessions     Road & Rink Sessions
          25           50             100

From 1st Jan 2020 onwards, the siblings will have 15 % discount if fees paid at a time for more than 3 years or above

For skaters who do excess session then what paid for has to pay Rs.1000 per session.

The skaters who will join during the last 5 months / or during the session of the year (i.e.) from September till the December/January have to pay per session Rs.1000 each session on the track and Rs.500 on road.


Bank Details

Name                     : Rahul Ramesh Rane

Bank Name              : State Bank of India,

Branch                   : Pune City

Savings A/c. No.     : 20246116857

IFS Code                : SBIN0000455



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