About Coach

When you think about coaching the roles of a skating coach seem unlimited.

They are there to serve as an adviser, an assessor, a counselor, a demonstrator, friend, mentor, an endless fountain of wisdom and knowledge, role model, your manager and your number one supporter.
Furthermore, a coach’s job seems never-ending. They are needed in the “newbie” stages of a sport to teach an skater the rules of the game, how they’ll train and what is important to overall success.
Then, once the skater has shown that they understand the basics of their sport, then the coach must work hand-in-hand with the trainer to discuss and come to an agreement on what training methods and requirements are appropriate. Finally, after an athlete understands the ins and outs of their sport, a coach is still needed to serve as a mentor and “cheerleader” of sorts whenever required at times.
A coach is working hard to make his students dreams come true

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